Ms. Allison Wells


The following graph pages are available for download.

Memorizing Unit Circle

The following links are available on school wifi and are safe for viewing.

Left Hand Trick (Youtube)

Left Hand Trick (Written out)

Increasing/Decreasing values (Youtube)

Explanation of Unit Circle: not a quick fix, but goes over the points like we did in class (Youtube)

Shorter Explanation of Unit Circle (Youtube)

Trig Identities

Even/Odd Properties of Trig Functions

The Magic Hexagon (Helps to remember all trig identities)

Sum, Difference, and Double Angle Formulas

Proof of Sum/Difference Formulas - How the formulas are derived.

Youtube Video 1 - He gives some tips on remembering the patterns in the formulas.

Youtube Video 2 - She gives a chant to help remember sin and cos formulas.

Link 1 - This person created a story line to help remember the patterns in the formulas.

Test 10 Review Resources

Triangle Geogebra - Website that allows you to set side lengths and angles in triangles.

Bearing Problem - I made a video explaining a bearing problem and addressing some issues that may come up.

Bearing Problem #25 - Explaining what to do with multiple bearings on one object.

Triangle Cases - Explaining when we may have none, one, or two triangles and why.

Using Law of Cosines - Explanation of how to use Law of Cosines to test how many triangles in ambiguous case

Final Exam Resources

Terminal Point and Side, Explanation of Radians

Reference Angles

What is f(a+h)? - Explaining problems 6-8 on Review

Conjugate Pairs of Zeros - Explaining problems 31-34 on Review

Half Angle Formulas - Good review for those who have not taken or are retaking Test 9.

How to check your work when you've used a formula to solve. This is a link to the end of the previous video.


Vector Word Problems - HW #2 Problem 10

Explanation of phrases seen in Vector Word Problems - also help setting up problems based on descriptions.

De Moivre's Theorem

Power of n - Test 1 and 2 Review Problem 42

Test 3 Review

Finding parametric equations from a rectangular equation

Elliptical word problem example

Projectile motion word problem example

Test 6 & 7 Review

Extra Problems for Practice

Khan Academy Video showing long division of polynomials

Website with Animation showing long division of polynomials

Wonderful video explaining graphing rational functions.