Ms. Allison Wells

These are the standards I expect of my students and the students should expect of each other in order to have the most successful semester that we can.

            1. Respect your peers. This means not interrupting when someone is presenting, not arguing with your group mates, and showing them the kind of dignity you would expect for yourself. We can disagree on things, but it's how we respond to those disagreements that makes the difference. 

            2. Respect your teacher. This includes both Mrs. Tadlock and myself. We are there for you! We are here to guide you in your learning journey. We will treat you like the young adults you are and expect you to treat us the same way.

            3. Be prepared for class. This means bringing any assignments that are due, having your homework in on time, and bringing any paper and writing utensils you will need. By coming to class prepared you will show respect to your teacher and your peers because we will be ready to learn when class starts. 

            4. Preserve a positive learning environment. We all make mistakes. Both teachers and students will make mistakes at some point during the year. I expect the students in class not to use this time to make fun of each other for those mistakes. We all want to feel good about our work and feel confident to present it to our peers. 

            5. Take responsibility for your actions. Now that you know the expectations, there is no need to argue if you know you have broken a rule. It is okay, we all have our moments. You will gain more respect from your peers and teacher if you react to a punishment with dignity and poise.