Ms. Allison Wells

Most homework will be done on MathXL. All homework must be completed in order to receive the homework bonus on quizzes.

New Instructions for MathXL:

** Everyone will use this method for logging in to MathXL starting on HW #3. If you currently have access through and have started your homework, please finish homework on that site. If you have not started your homework or do not have access through, please follow these instructions **

1. Follow this link to access the SSOhub login. You may want to bookmark this page.

2. Sign in using your id number and password - the same as you would use to login to a laptop at school.

3. Answer the security questions to set up your password reset.

4. Click Pearson icon on the hub.

5. Agree to Pearson's terms and click on the class. If the class listed does not match the block in which you have me, please let me know ASAP.

6. After agreeing, you should be greeted by the MathXL homepage where you can then find your live assignments.

Please email me as soon as possible if you have any trouble.

Date Assigned Date Due Assignment
 11/10-11/13 11/14-11/15
 11/14-11/15 11/16-11/17MathXL #29
 11/16-11/17 11/27-11/28MathXL #30
 11/27-11/28 11/29-11/30 MathXL #31
 11/29-11/30 12/1-12/4MathXL #32
 12/1-12/4 12/5-12/6
 12/7-12/8 12/11-12/12
 Test 9 Review (focus on problems 14-32)