Ms. Allison Wells

        From my experience in the classroom, the most successful teachers have a passion for teaching and their subject matter, connect with the students in their class, and work hard to provide the best opportunities for their students. 


        My passion for teaching developed at a young age. In elementary school, I had a teacher that came to school early and stayed late everyday just to offer her students opportunities to learn more advanced subject matter. In a school where the general student population was not excelling, she gave each of her students tools to become lifelong learners. In my classroom, I want the students to feel like they are being given every opportunity to better themselves and that I am there to support them in their learning just like she did for me. 

        My experience in teaching continued through high school where I had the opportunity to tutor many of my peers. During this time, I learned the impact it makes on students when lessons are tailored to their needs and language level. Every time I teach, I have strive to make sure my students feel like they can ask me for help and that the work they are doing is meaningful and relevant to them. 

        As a teacher I will work hard to make sure that every student feels comfortable with their learning environment and responsible for their learning development. To do this I will begin with simple things like incorporating techniques to make learning accessible to all students including those with learning disabilities, language barriers, students of different backgrounds, and with different personalities. I will make an effort to learn each student’s name quickly so they feel welcome and cared for. From my experience in the classroom, I know that giving the students opportunities to share their story with myself and their classmates allows me to provide more meaningful learning opportunities, and connects the students so that they are all responsible for the success of the class as a whole. I want to be the teacher that inspires learning and passion especially in a subject that is not favored by all. I want my students to see how mathematics drives everything in life and hopefully they will feel the same passion that I do for the subject.